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Due to the concept of the field, a large number of obstacles, narrow passages, we decided to use a variant of replicas for airsoft equipment that are neither a gun nor a rifle, but something in between (sub-machine gun). The compact variant of the Heckler with the option of burst firing, makes the game incomparably more interesting compared to the variants with pistols.

airsoft replica (rifle) syma mp5k

  • Caliber: 6mm
  • Mass: 1,98 kg
  • Type of fire: single, burst
  • Fire rate: 10 bullets per second
  • Max. ball capacity: 230 hi-cap,120 mid-cap,75 mid-cap,65 mid-cap
  • Ball speed: 310 fps (94,5m/s)
  • Ball impact energy: 0,89 J
  • Ball range: 60m

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