Currently the most popular birthdays in Belgrade - paintball birthdays

For players over 12 years old, we organize birthday parties with standard paintball guns.

Our offer includes food and drinks; all you need to bring is the cake. Take a look below at how our birthdays look and choose the package that suits you best.

paintball birthdays and game rules

Paintball birthdays have the same game principle as regular paintball. Players divided into two teams, marked with fluorescent vests and they compete against each other on the paintball field, shooting paintballs at each other. Affected players go to their bases and wait for the end of the round.

The round lasts up to 5 minutes. Children’s paintball birthday parties last about 15 rounds on average.

Paintball birthday parties require the wearing of protective masks, overalls and body armor at all times for the safety of participants. Removing the mask on the field is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will result in the player being kicked out of the game.

The instructor is with the players the whole time, monitors the situation and does not allow mask removal or any other form of indiscipline.



Paintball rođendani u Beogradu Arena No1

What sets us apart from others is that we organize absolutely everything for you (food, drinks, games, instructors). All you need to do is choose the location nearest to you and bring the cake.


Monday-Thursday: 15%

Friday: 10%

*Not valid for the court at Ada Ciganlija


The stay of parents during the birthday celebration is not possible, with the exception of the parents of the child that is celebrating birthday.

Parents of other children attending the birthday party can wait for their children in a nearby cafe.

Paintball rođendani u Beogradu Arena No1
Paintball rođendani u Beogradu Arena No1


* It is NECESSARY to arrive at least 30 minutes earlier (pay attention to traffic jams, valid for guests and organizers).

* An advance payment of 5,000 dinars is required within two days after the appointment.

* If you have more than twenty children, an additional fee of 1700 dinars per player (in proportion to the number of players, the amount of food, balls and arrows increases).

* The seating area cannot be fully rented, each team has its own booth and does not mix with other teams.

* It is not allowed to bring catering, use fireworks for the cake and use piñatas.

additional options

* It is possible to order additional pizzas (for parents) at a price of 1000 dinars per pizza.

* Beer is charged additionally.

interesting facts

* Up to 10% of invited guests will certainly not respond to the invitation.

* 30% of players are almost always girls.

* 100% safe (we have military discipline).

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