Paintball equipment includes all protective equipment used during a paintball game. The main role of the accessories is to prevent unwanted injuries and also to ensure the safety of the participants. During the game, it is strictly forbidden to remove the mask and other protective equipment and is punished by disqualification and interruption of the game. In addition to the paintball gun, the paintball equipment consists of a protective mask, overalls and bulletproof vest.

Paintball Markers (guns)

The paintball markers we use on our paintball fields use a smaller caliber of balls.

The main advantages of smaller caliber bullets are greater precision and smaller size of the mass that occurs in case of awkward hits (at close range – point blank).

By testing this caliber (0.50), we came to the result that a shot from close range (less than 3m) in the thigh leaves a 2-4cm diameter bruise that disappears within 5 days. While with the classic caliber (0.68), the diameter of the fat is 12 cm and disappears completely only after 2 months.

Caliber: 0,50

Mass: 1,45 kg

Firing type: semi-automatic

Max. ball capacity: 300 balls

Speed of the ball: 280 fps (93m/s)

Ball impact energy: 4.45 J

Ball range: 40m

paintball equipment - paintball rifle 1

paintball masks

paintball equipment - paintball masks

Low-quality paintball equipment is the biggest problem when playing, especially those masks that are of lesser quality.

Uncomfortable masks that fog up every 5 minutes can completely spoil the ultimate fun of playing paintball.

The Empire Helix paintball masks we use are of the highest quality. Thick sponges provide maximum comfort while a wide thermal visor (anti-fog visor) ensures maximum visibility.

The masks are one-size-fits-all.

The visor is made of 2mm thick polycarbonate plastic. The main feature of polycarbonate plastic used in the paintball industry is high scratch resistance and elasticity. The visor of Empire Helix type paintball masks cannot be broken by bending or puncturing.

The maximum kinetic energy of hitting the visor of the mask, attributed by the manufacturer, is 16.72 J, while the kinetic energy of the ball fired by our paintball markers (guns) is 4.45 J.

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