Forget about boring bachelor parties and experience real adrenaline and laughter with the craziest games and shooting, which will prepare you for the relentless teasing from your beloved!


We’re not here to organize just an ordinary bachelor party; we will take you on an adrenaline journey through experiences you’ll be talking about for years to come!


(Entering exactly at 7:00 PM and 30 minutes of training)

Gather your team and step bravely onto the battlefield! Our instructors will introduce you to the equipment and rules, but remember – there are no military formalities here, just unbridled male excitement!

Paintball in Belgrade - Paintball field Kluz - Arena No1


(07:30 PM – 08:30 PM)

The first paintball ball is fired, and the adrenaline starts rushing! No surrender, just charge forward!

Run, take cover, laugh – this is your chance to feel like action movie heroes, as you have one hour of active paintball gameplay ahead of you.

Paintball in Belgrade - Paintball field Kluz - Arena No1


(08:30 PM – 09:00 PM)

When you think it’s all over, we have prepared some real men’s craziness for you! From shooting at the wedding dress (you have to see the groom in that gown) to guarding a valuable prize blindfolded – these will be moments to talk about for the rest of your lives!


Choose 2 out of 4 activities:


  • Shooting at the wedding dress – Side by side with the team, we create a real “fashion” revolutionary twist!

We have taken the most beautiful wedding dress for you, dear groom, but not for what you expect! You will stand in front of the wall while the team has the honor to “decorate” you with colors. Run faster, and you’ll get colored faster!

  • Blindfolded grannies – Win the prize if you can, but with a blindfold on your eyes!

One brave guy guards the valuable prize, but with a blindfold on his eyes! The rest of the team has squeaky shoes on their feet, giving a clear sign of their whereabouts. Will the prize be safe, or will the team pull off the boldest actions?

  • Shield Game – For real heroes without fear of challenges!

The groom gets a shield, but for him, there are no rules! His mission is to eliminate opponents while the opposing team will try to hit him… in the head! Safe, fun, and challenging!

  • Roulette – Spin the bottle, no surrender!

On the field, there is a table with a bottle and a paintball marker with 10 balls. The bottle is spun, and the paintball marker is aimed at a randomly chosen player! Quick reflexes and composure are crucial! While the team seeks cover, there’s no time to think!


Paintball in Belgrade - Paintball field Kluz - Arena No1


(09:00 PM – 09:30 PM)

When the action stops, it’s time for celebration! You deserve to relax with a juicy barbecue or pizza and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (because you’ll want to remember everything).

Show off your victorious battle scars and laugh until tears while recounting unforgettable moments!

Paintball in Belgrade - Paintball field Kluz - Arena No1


Paintball bachelor party is designed to bring laughter, fun, and challenges that you will talk about for years to come. Book your spot today and enjoy an unforgettable adventure that will test your courage, skills, and team spirit! Be a part of this adrenaline-fueled experience that will bond you and give you a story for a lifetime!

The bachelor party takes place at the top-rated paintball field in Belgrade – Autokomanda paintball field.

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