Why is paintball ideal for team building in Belgrade?

Ask anyone on the street to describe paintball and there are two reactions you will get. You’ll either get a big smile and tell you what a fun adrenaline experience it is or tell you it’s an activity for soldiers and gun lovers. Actually, this sport is much more than all that.

Paintball was created more than 30 years ago and since then it provides entertainment to millions of people around the world, but at the same time it is one of the most effective corporate team building activities.


Because it depends so much on teamwork that the group can only benefit from this game.

Paintball Arena No1 has been organizing paintball team building in Belgrade, but also outside Belgrade, for years. We’ve seen the most withdrawn team players gain confidence, hidden leaders emerge, and everyone leaves smiling and energized.

But what are the key aspects of this sport that make it suitable as a team building activity?

  • It brings people together

The most valuable thing a company has is its employees. The problem is that employees are of different ages, come from different places and have different interests, which prevents the group from reaching its highest potential. By bringing them together for paintball team building, you allow all the barriers between them to break down.

In recent years, this fact has been enthusiastically accepted by companies of all sizes, which is confirmed by the growth of paintball team building in Belgrade.

What makes paintball different is the competitive nature of the sport,which creates a strong sense of camaraderie so that employees return to work refreshed and energized, with new enthusiasm, and therefore the work environment becomes stronger than ever.

  • Leadership and communication

This sport tends to find leaders in the group. To be successful, the paintball team leader must organize and motivate the other team members. When planning a strategy, the leader must include the other comrades, but in the end he must make decisions, delegate certain roles and clearly present the plan to everyone.

The biggest advantage when it comes to paintball team building in Belgrade is that a mistake doesn’t cost anything, but the experience they gain is priceless. In fact, one of the most valuable qualities in leadership is not being afraid to lose.


  • Problem solving

Paintball involves devising a serious strategy. The team is given a goal, which they must carefully devise a plan to achieve.

When a company sends a group of employees to paintball team building in Belgrade or outside the city, it is not only to provide them with a fun day and a new experience. That in itself is a strategy that should bring long-term benefits to the company.

Paintball Arena No1 organizes team building in Belgrade at three locations:

Locations in Serbia can be chosen by your company or for example:

  • Vršac;
  • Palić;
  • Novi Sad;
  • Avala;
  • Fruška gora;
  • Srebrno jezero;
  • Vrnjačka banja;
  • Zlatibor;
  • Kopaonik etc.


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