Paintball for kids - jt splatmaster

Paintball for children (JT Splatmaster) is a milder version of paintball, intended for children from 8 to 12 years old.

The most important difference compared to regular paintball is the kinetic energy of the fired ball. A regular paintball gun fires a ball with an energy of 5J while a Splatmaster fires it with an energy of 1J. In practice, this means that even “unpleasant” hits will not be unpleasant, because the impact is weak.

How “strong” the impact of a paintball shot from a Splatmaster gun is, can be seen through a demonstration by shooting at the instructors hand from a distance of 10 cm, which we almost always perform in front of those who do not believe that this type of entertainment is intended for children aged 8 to 12 years.

Another crucial difference is the mass of the rifle itself. Compared to a regular paintball gun, which has a mass of about 3.5 kg, the Splatmaster gun is seven times lighter.

Praxis has once again established that children under the age of 12 are not aware of the intensity with which they shoot, so for that age a semi-automatic firing mode is not recommended. Splatmaster solved that problem too. Before every shot, the Splatmaster rifle must be reactivated. This kind of shooting system significantly slows down the intensity of shooting, and keeps the game within the limits of reasonable consumption of ammo.

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JP Splatmaster z200

JT Splatmaster Z200 – the most popular personal and rental paintball marker intended for children.

The JT Splatmaster Z200 gained its popularity due to its robust appearance, quality parts and ease of use. However, what also sets it apart from other models is its firing speed, as well as the ability to mount a magazine.

In practice, it has been shown that JT Splatmaster Z200 can be used by children as young as 8 years old. The only parameter, if you want to judge whether a child can play splatmaster, is whether he can reactivate the marker smoothly.

The important thing about the JT Splatmaster Z200 is that once the rifle is fired, it cannot be fired again until the pellet is fired. Also, if the trigger lever is not returned to the forward, starting position, the trigger cannot be fired.

This type of marker uses a 0.50 caliber ball, and the maximum speed of the ball is 140FPS (about 42m/s).

Overall, the JT Splatmaster Z200 is the best model in its series and is recommended for players ages 6-12, as well as girls and players with a low pain tolerance.

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