Paintball balls are an inseparable part of PAINTBALL. These are the balls that the markers (paintball guns) throw out under the influence of the force created by compressed air or CO2 or some spring. A paintball ball consists of its membrane and inner filling. Both the membrane and the filling (content) are harmless to humans because they consist mainly of cellulose. The membrane is mostly in one or two colors, and the competition ones can be colorful.

paintball balls

Paintball balls are divided according to several bases:

1. in terms of caliber (size) .68″ are the original ball sizes that are still widely used, .50″ are more recent because they are smaller in size with a similar effect and more economical in terms of the amount of material used and storage space

2. by hardness for different seasons – different temperatures, so we have harder – winter and softer – summer

3. in terms of quality, we have rental and competitive ones

In our paintball club, we use balls exclusively made in Europe and for the European market. The balls are of excellent quality and are intended for rent. These are balls that do not burst in the barrel, are very accurate and in most cases burst when they hit the player.

Let’s explain right away what kind of competition pellets are better than rental pellets, but they are not intended for use with rental rifles because very, very often they shoot in the magazine and/or barrels, which greatly spoils the game, because when this happens, players cannot continue regularly. the game.

paintball ball