Paintball court Ada Ciganlija


The open paintball field of Ada Ciganlija was opened in 2001. and is currently the largest forest paintball field in Serbia.

It is made up of a forest on Ada Ciganlija in the immediate vicinity of the Wedding Park and Golf Club.

It is seasonal and operates from March to November.

It is mandatory to make an appointment 48 hours in advance.

The paintball court at Ada Ciganlija has dimensions 140×80. It is planned for a maximum of 70 players. Obstacles are trees, fallen trees, concrete obstacles and wooden reels. The court also has lighting, so it is possible to make an appointment in the evening.

It also has a separate part, surrounded by strong nets to stop paintballs. From it, visitors who are not playing can follow the course of the paintball game..

This is popular at children’s birthday parties,where parents can follow their children and cheer.

Within the field, before the entrance to the field itself, there is a “safe zone”. It is a space specially designed for team building, in the form of five concrete tables with benches. This space is also used for short training.