airsoft game rules and security measures

Violation of security rules will terminate the term.

Basic airsoft rules

  • It is strictly forbidden to remove the mask on the field.
  • Before entering the “safe zone”, it is mandatory to separate the frame from the replica with a control “shot”.
  • “Shooting” is strictly forbidden in the “safe zone”.
  • The replica must be attached to the strap at all times.
  • The strap must be around the player’s neck at all times.

It is not allowed:

  • Collecting ammo from the floor.
  • Bringing your ammo.
  • Using non-club replicas.
  • Use non-club goggles and masks.

All rules MUST be followed.

airsoft belgrade - airsoft rules

airsoft game rules

team deathmatch

The teams differ in the colors of the straps (rifle belt), tutorials (frame holder) and belts.

  • The goal of the game is the complete elimination of the opposing team.
  • Every hit counts.
  • Affected players with a raised hand and a mask on their face go to their “base” and wait for the end of the round.
  • The round is over when all the players of one team are eliminated.

bomb defuse

The teams differ in the colors of the straps (rifle belt), instructors (frame holder) and belts. The “terrorist” team also has an aluminum case with a timer (bomb).

  • The goal of one team is to assemble and defend the “bomb” or complete elimination of the opposing team.
  • If the team that owns the “bomb” does not plant it in 3 minutes, it loses the round.
  • If the player carrying the “bomb” is hit, he is obliged to leave the suitcase with the “bomb” on the part of the field where he was hit.
  • The bomb timer is set to 30 seconds.
  • Cilj drugog tima je da demontira postavljenu “bombu” ili kompletno eliminiše protivnički tim.

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