If you think you’re good at games, it’s time to prove it! This engaging game isn’t just for fun—it’s also an excellent workout for your skills. As you hone your precision, speed, and tactics while shooting on the screen, you’re preparing for the actual paintball field. This is your chance to improve your game and win valuable prizes.

Join the paintball adventure, showcase your best performance, and earn your spot among the best.

Paintball and laser tag friendly games in Belgrade - Paintball Club Arena No1

What you get until the end of this year:

  • Daily prizes: 100 balls for free next Wednesday at Come and Play (1 hour of play and 100 balls).
  • Weekly prizes: free game next Wednesday at Come and Play (1 hour of play and 100 balls).
  • Monthly prizes: free games at Come and Play for the next month (1 hour of play and 100 balls).
  • Annual prize: PlayStation 5.


Scoring system for the annual prize:

  • Every month, the points of players who ranked in the top three are multiplied by the sequential number of the month in which they were achieved. For example, the score for January is multiplied by 1, for February by 2, for March by 3, and so on.
  • All these monthly points are then added up to form the annual score.
  • At the end of the year, players with the highest annual score will be the winners of the annual prize.

This scoring system aims to create a fair and exciting environment for all players and applies to all games from January 12th onwards. All previous results do not contribute to the annual score but will be considered for daily and weekly prizes during that period.

*Note: Winners of the prize will receive an email with a confirmation of the prize, which needs to be shown to the instructor.


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