• Do the balls always fall apart?

No. That is why the most common mistake of a beginner is for a player to surrender as soon as he feels the impact of the ball without checking whether it has fallen apart. The ball could bounce or stay in the hem of the garment. That is why it is necessary to feel the place of the goal, and if that is impossible, ask a friend from the team or the referee to do it personally.

  • Can glasses be worn under a protective mask?


  • What level of physical fitness is required?

Any, everyone plays, from the completely physically inactive to the athletic.

  • Is it possible to play in the evening?

Yes. The covered field is illuminated and works non-stop. Even the open court at Ada is illuminated and it is possible to play even after dark.

  • How many games will we play?

Approximately 6 games in 1 hour.

  • How long does a game last?

The game lasts from 2 to a maximum of 5 minutes on an indoor court, and about 5 minutes on an open court. Breaks between games are used to clean equipment and refill balls and gas.

  • What to wear?

Paintball can be played in the forest in any clothing suitable for being outdoor. Competitors should have camouflage kit, camouflage jacket and trousers. On your feet, you should wear deep sneakers with protectors. It is very useful to wear a cap, cap, scarf on your head. We recommend gloves and to bring a dry shirt to change into after the game. We definitely recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move easily. You will get from us protective suit and mask. We also provided bulletproof vests for girls and children.

  • Do you provide footwear?

No. Players must bring their own footwear. It is recommended that the shoes have ankle support.

  • What clothes and shoes to take with you?

Appropriate sports clothes or similar in which you can sweat. We recommend that you bring a spare dry shirt. Do not wear shoes with heels or sensitive shoes that you would prefer to keep clean (turned leather, etc.). You get the overall over your clothes on the field. If your clothes do get dirty, the color is removed by regular washing in the washing machine.

  • Are spectators allowed?

Yes, if they are adequately protected: they wear protective masks or are in a place secured by a net from shots or are at a safe distance.

  • Is it dangerous to play paintball?

According to world experts, paintball is a much safer sport than football, handball, basketball, ice hockey, any combat sport, etc. First, everyone in the “fire” zone must wear protective masks. Secondly, the markers are adjusted so that the speed of firing the ball does not exceed 90 m/s, and at the same time, due to the most unfortunate hit, the maximum discomfort can only be a bruise. Third, instructions are always given before the game for technical safety. Fourth, referees are always present on the field, who are responsible for the safety of competitors in emergency situations. In paintball there is no fear of major dangers and inconveniences, but it is a sport, and as in any other sport, injuries are possible, which depends on your personal attention and compliance with the rules. Learn more about the rules of the paintball game.

  • What are the balls made of?

Pellets are usually produced by factories that make capsules for medicines. The ball usually has a gelatin shell that is filled with a non-toxic, water-soluble dye of vegetable origin. The color has an unpleasant taste and smell, but it is completely harmless. As the dye is soluble in water, it can be easily removed from the clothes with a damp cloth and even easier to wash in the washing machine. The first rain washes the paint off the walls and trees. Even when an unused ball falls to the ground, it begins to absorb moisture until it melts.

  • Where can paintball be played?

Paintball is the easiest and best to play on the fields provided for it. Paintball fields must be adequately equipped and secured against accidental intrusion by passers-by. There are open fields that are mostly forest (Ada Ciganlija), then fields that are made for competitions, so-called. ‘speed ball’ courts consisting of twenty inflated shelters and closed courts – buildings (a building under construction in Tošino Bunar).

  • What are the pitches like?

Traditional battlefield – forest pitch with additions of trunks and hiding places, crates and barrels. Sometimes shelters are made in open fields from old car tires, used and old cars.

  • Who is counted among the defeated?

A player is defeated in four cases:

  • if on any part of the body or equipment there is a trace – a paint spot with a diameter greater than 2 rsd coin
  • if the player has left, crossed the boundaries of the pitch
  • if the referee declared the player defeated for an objective reason
  • if the player surrenders himself
  • How many people can you serve?

Without prior notice 40 people. 140 people participated in the biggest event so far – at least 7 days notice is required.

  • What is the minimum number of people in the group?

The minimum for the courts at Autokomanda and Blok 44 is 6 players, and for the court at Ada Ciganlija it is 10 players. If there are fewer of you, join the friendly games that are organized every week from 8:00 p.m.

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