The world of paintball has always been something special. Excitement, strategy, adrenaline – all these elements make paintball an unforgettable experience. And at this year’s GamesCon, our club Arena No1 was the epicenter of this incredible adventure!

The entire gaming world gathered in one place, and we brought a real miniature paintball arena. Visitors had the opportunity to experience all the charms of this fantastic game in a unique way. Through challenges, precision tests, education, and of course, prizes for the luckiest ones.



Everyone who dared had the chance to test their precision and speed by shooting with paintball markers. Our mini-arena with obstacles was where skills and tactics merged into a unique experience. Every shot, every missed target – an opportunity for learning and progress.

Paintball Arena No1 and GamesCon 2023.



We didn’t just offer a physical experience; we dedicated ourselves to education. Our expert team was there to answer any questions about paintball markers, game rules, or tips for beginners. It was a valuable experience for everyone – from those hearing about paintball for the first time to seasoned players.



Prizes are always a fantastic addition, right? With our prize wheel, every visitor had the chance to win valuable rewards they could use in our club. Congratulations to the lucky winners, and we look forward to seeing you on the paintball battlefield!

Paintball Arena No1 and GamesCon 2023.



GamesCon meant more to us than just a convention. It was a place where we shared our passion for paintball with newcomers and enthusiasts alike. Seeing smiles on faces, and feeling the excitement of new players – these are the moments that make all the effort and preparation worthwhile.

We want to thank everyone who visited our booth. Your energy motivates us to continue spreading our love for this sport and striving to improve.

Let the world be painted in the colors of paintball – Arena No1 is ready for new conquests!

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